Sri Jagannath Temple – 4P’s – For GOD’s Sake

One evening during the last week in September Dr. K Padhy, renowned cardiac surgeon, invited me at Sri Jagannath Swamy Temple to meet the governing body of Utkal Sanskrutika Samaj, Visakhapatnam chapter. The meeting was fixed at 7.30 in the evening. I reached little early around 6.45 pm. I just stepped into the temple complex and became spellbound, seeing the vibrant atmosphere of temple complex. Kids are playing; ladies are praying or gossiping in small groups like their counterpart.

Stared thinking why???

Why not children’s park? Why not multiplex? Why not the famous RK beach road? I was absorbed in thinking. Suddenly, being blessed by Lord Jagannath, I realized the complex interlinks between 4P’s and the temple. I started framing my understanding in such a way that

Product/Offering: A belief or expectations such as salvation or enjoyment of eternal happiness.

Price: Refers to what it will cost to a person to take on certain behaviour (Opportunity cost).

For the time being I am escaping the place & promotion part.

Soon after the meeting I returned home with too many thoughts and questions. I started Google-ing and found “For God’s Sake: An Adman on the Business of Religion” by Ambi Parameswaran along with few other research articles. I went through all the materials and discovered a whole new spectrum of marketing as a Marketer or a Brandman.