“Imagination is the highest form of research” -Albert Einstein

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“An equation means nothing to me unless it expresses a thought of God.”- Srinivasa Ramanujan

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“All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved.” ―Sun Tzu

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Business Listing Award News

Best Business And Organization Listing Award News

♣Best Photo Graphy Group Awarded: Beyond Vision

♣Best Hair Solution Product Awarded: Brishti Hair Solution

♣Best Website Support Agency Award: Vertical Eleven Business Systems

♣Best Woman Photographer Award: Chitrokar

♣Best Artistic Lamp Shade Manufacturer Award: Creative Alochhaya

♣Best Metal Structure Corrosion Prevention Engineering Agency Award: Dhata Blasting

♣Best Website Design Solution Services Award: Vertical Eleven

♣Best International Online Bengali Research Journal of Literature and Culture (Refereed Journal, Quarterly) Award: Ekusher Dheu

♣Best Wedding Cinematographer Awarded: Fotocap

♣Best Online Bengali Literature Books Publishing Magazine: Nirmukhosh

♣Best Gas Insulated Switch Gear (GIS)and Electrostatic Precipitator ESP OEM Electrical Engineering Agency in Eastern India Awarded: Raycom Enterprises Pvt. Ltd

♣Best Cheapest Cloud Based Website Plan Award: Benzo Plan by Vertical Eleven

♣Best Authentic Artistic Handicraft Manufacturer Awarded: Rupantar Art Works

♣Best Timelapse Photographer in Oman Awarded: Sanak Roychoudhury of Kolkata

♣Best Industrial Commercial Electrical Job Work In Bengal Award: Sarkar Electric

♣Best News Magazine Website Maker for New Entreprenuer Award: Vertical Eleven Business Systems

♣Best Book Publisher Bengal Award: Suprokash

♣Best Marketing & Branding Expert Award: Rakesh Mitra

♣Best Bengali Stock Market Trainer Award: Train Me Stock

♣Best Admin Support Out-Sourcing BPO Agency Award: Disha India

♣Best Bengali Drama or Bangla Natok Cultural Group Award: Brischhick Natyo Sanstha

♣Best OFC Cabling Installation Maintenance and Silent DG Rental Service Provider North Bengal Award: ClassicNet & Co

♣Best Handicraft Jewellery Artist Award: Krishti Crafts

♣Best Event Photographer Award: Surajit Saha Photography

♣Best Fire Safety Protection Agency – Bengal Award: Unique Fire Safety

♣Best Bhutan & North Bengal Tour Planner Award: Yatrasathi

♣Best Financial Services NBFC Company in Kolkata Award: ST Services

♣Best Bengali News Video Agency Award: Universe News

♣Best Cheapest Website Plan Award: NANZO by Vertical Eleven

♣Best Business Financing to Entrepreneurs And new Aspiring Business Agency Kolkata Award: Winycomm

♣Best Small Scale Medicine Manufacturer Award: Gems Biogenics

♣Best Ecommerce Website Lunching Agency Award: Vertical Eleven


We choose agencies, organizations and companies for their unique credibility over a 3 years period. And this award is to motivate them for up-lifting their presence in the categorized industry.

Wishing all a Happy Business in Future